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Commercial / Industrial

CREUS has worked on a number of commercial and industrial projects and have recognized the differing needs of those projects. We have worked with architects and landscape consultants to address public and user needs in these projects.

Explore some of CREUS Engineering's Commercial and Industrial Projects we have worked on

1133 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC
Client: V1500 Holdings

Description: Development of the old North Shore News building in the central Lonsdale area. Commercial building with Lonsdale frontage that has underground parking and lane access. Development includes upgrading the existing sidewalks to conform to current City of North Vancouver standards.

CREUS Member Roles: CREUS members are responsible for the upgrades to the surrounding sidewalks and laneway. Stormwater Management, sediment and erosion control, civil servicing, and accompanying inspections are being completed by CREUS members.
The Pier, North Vancouver, BC
Client: Pinnacle International

Description: A 6-acre, mixed use hotel, residential, commercial, public open-space waterfront development on the former Versatile Shipyards lands at the foot of Lonsdale in North Vancouver. This project has involved residential, hotel, retail, institutional and a large amount of public amenity. CREUS has coordinated with various engineers, architects, environmental consultants, traffic management consultants, public art consultants and various city departments in coordinating the design, tendering and construction of this project to date.

CREUS Member Roles: The Engineer of record for all the preliminary and detailed Civil Engineering, sediment and erosion control and Stormwater Management elements of the project. CREUS members managed the tendering and construction of the works and provided inspection for all ongoing and completed civil works.
Centre of Newton, Surrey, BC
Client: Value Property Group

Description: The second phase of a commercial development located at 72nd Avenue and King George Boulevard in Surrey. The site requires innovative solutions to parking lot drainage, detention, and release to meet not only the municipality's requirements but also to achieve both of the Stormwater Management Credits available in the LEED Core & Shell rating system (attempting to achieve LEED Gold). Parking lot drainage is being directed through a bioswale for cleansing. Detention is being achieved with underground storage tanks. Detention tank water is being released at an appropriate drawdown rate by using an orifice and overflow tank outlet.

CREUS Member Roles:CREUS is responsible for site servicing, coordination of services with the City of Surrey, and LEED documentation.
Downtown Office Building, 37996 Cleveland Avenue, Squamish BC
Client: Bethel Lands Corporation

Description:A four-storey mixed-use office building in Downtown Squamish. Design involves coordination with the project team, utilities, and municipal staff.

CREUS Member Roles: CREUS members are currently designing the civil servicing and Stormwater Management aspects of this project. Roadworks improvements, sidewalk repair, and other utility requirements are also being coordinate by CREUS.
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