CREUS Engineering Team

CREUS is a partnership of Engineers, Project Managers and Technologists who strive to use the best technology, knowledge, experience and creativity to provide solutions to real world development issues. The core team has over 70 years of in-depth experience in the development industry.


Fred M. Ciambrelli

Senior Engineer

Fred has over 21 years of experience in the design, administration and management of a variety of land development, public and municipal engineering projects. This includes residential subdivisions, multi-use sites, commercial, industrial and institutional projects. Fred has worked predominantly in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and along the Sea to Sky corridor on steep terrain sites with sensitive environments. This requires the use of the latest stormwater management techniques and 3-D modeling. Mr. Ciambrelli has an early construction backing and has managed the approval process for a number of projects both in municipal jurisdictions and with regional districts.

Kevin Healy, P.Eng.

Senior Engineer / Project Manager

Kevin has over 26 years of experience with senior positions in the construction, engineering and development industry. He has experienced land development from the perspectives of municipal employee, earthworks sub contractor, general contractor, developer and Consulting Engineer. Lately, that experience has been leading the approvals and construction on projects with tough topography and tight environmental, political and jurisdictional restrictions. He has managed the Furry Creek Development overseeing the design, approvals, tendering and construction of highway interchange, water well, treatment, distribution and pump system, sewerage collection, pumping and plant treatment, roads, utilities and building development. At Cypress, he managed the design, tendering, construction and commission of the water treatment, distribution and storage system and the sewage storage and pumping system jointly with Cypress and BC Parks including Project Manager for the VANOC venue improvements, 48,000 square-foot lodge and other mountain improvements totaling over $40 million dollars. He was a Senior Engineer and Project Manager for a number of projects including several large mixed use developmentprojects.

  • Clayton Bailey
    Clayton Bailey Technician
  • Andrew Gondos
    Andrew Gondos Technician
  • Daniel Casey
    Daniel Casey Project Engineer
  • Dieter Delloch
    Dieter Delloch Manager of CAD Services
  • Lucas Colbeck
    Lucas Colbeck Technician
  • Dustin Christmas
    Dustin Christmas Technician
  • Connor Moss
    Connor Moss Technician
  • Steve Williamson
    Steve Williamson Technician
  • Ross Hamilton
    Ross Hamilton Technician
  • Theo Vigh
    Theo Vigh Technician
  • Andy Criddle
    Andy Criddle Technician
  • Maddy Pos
    Maddy Pos Technician
  • Johnny Adams
    Johnny Adams Technician
  • Robert Loe
    Robert Loe Technician
  • Brock Garden
    Brock Garden Technician
  • Dean Evans
    Dean Evans Technician
  • Karen Ciambrelli
    Karen Ciambrelli Technician
  • Karen Hagg
    Karen Hagg Technician

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+1(604) 987-9070

Suite 610, East Tower - 221 Esplanade West
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Monday through Friday
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

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