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Environmental Enhancement

CREUS has been at the forefront working with Environmental Consultants and others in augmenting and working with environmental features. CREUS has worked directly for regulatory agencies as well as integrating enhancement works into development projects.

Explore some of the Environmental Enhancement Works which CREUS Engineering has been involved with

Cypress Venue, West Vancouver, BC
Client: VANOC

Description: The 2010 Freestyle and Snowboard Olympic Venue hosting 6 Olympic Events in 2010.

CREUS Member Roles: A CREUS member was the Development Manager for VANOC for the Venue Construction for the Cypress Venue. As part of the works, two significant wetland projects were incorporated into the venue works with joint on-site participation of VANOC, the mountain, Local Environmental Groups, BC Parks and contractors. Upgrades of existing parks facilities and trails were included in the works as a legacy contribution. A program of extensive placement of organic growing medium and revegetation was instituted to address the excessive erosion and exposure of non-organic soils and bedrock that occurred during historical logging operations. This has become a standard for trail grooming in BC Parks.
Green River, SLRD, BC
Client: 28165 Yukon Inc.

Description: A 700-acre, residential development on a mountainside neighborhood with tough terrain and encroachments with rivers, highway, rail, hydro and creeks. Project is within SLRD and did not have any existing services. This project has involved the design of all civil services, roads, pump stations, reservoirs, creation of a CPCN, creation of an ISMP, bridges, preliminary approvals and site preparation, construction and inspection. We have provided project management for civil works, bridge construction, wetland restoration projects, site development, entry monuments, water system and sewage treatment plant construction.

CREUS Member Roles: The Engineer of record for all the detailed civil, sediment and erosion control and Stormwater Management elements of the project and have managed the tender and construction of the works to date.
Lawson Creek Assessment, 1300 Sinclair Street, West Vancouver, BC
Client: Residents of 1300 Sinclair Street

Description:Review and reporting on approximately 70m of Lawson Creek to provide an assessment and recommendations for further action to home owners. The creek is approximately 4m wide and has various types of embankment, 4 driveway bridge crossing, and aging wall structures.

CREUS Member Roles: CREUS was responsible for providing an assessment on the condition of the existing creek infrastructure including bridge crossings, retaining walls, and embankments. The creek was assessed for water levels reaching the 200yr storm event and recommendations were made based on site investigations and review of rainfall records.
Lawson Creek Fish Ladder, Lawson Avenue, West Vancouver, BC
Client: District of West Vancouver

Description: Daylighting of pipe work and creation of fish ladder to aid in fish migration. This project has involved the design, approvals, construction and inspection of the civil works, sediment and erosion control and coordination with Environmental Consultant.

CREUS Member Roles: The Engineer of record for all the preliminary and detailed civil, sediment and erosion control and Stormwater Management elements of the project. CREUS members managed the tender and construction of the works and provided inspection for all ongoing and completed civil works.
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