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Independant Power Production

CREUS has worked on several projects involving Independent Power Production. These projects typically involve small to medium scale hydro projects to service small communities that are not in the vicinity of BC Hydro's distribution grid.

Explore some of CREUS Engineering's Independant Power Production Projects we have worked on

Queen of Peace Monastery, Squamish, BC
Client: 28165 Yukon Inc.

Description: A 23,000sqft Monastery off of Squamish Valley Road that required its own well water source, sanitary septic disposal, storm servicing, and fire protection.

CREUS Member Roles: CREUS is responsible for civil servicing, coordination for well water servicing, Stormwater Management, roadworks, cost estimates, site grading, inspections, inspection reporting, and as-built submissions and sign-off.
Millstream Micro Hydro, West Vancouver, BC
Client: Graham Lee

Description: A 2kW micro hydro power station proposed to have been built next to the client's home in a District creek. The system would provide ample electricity to power the house as well as selling excess electricity back to BC Hydro through the grid-tie component. The system would require both a high flow and low flow turbine generator, dump loads, charge controllers, metering, battery power storage, an inverter, and automatic shutoffs to the grid-tie connection.

CREUS Member Roles: CREUS provided detailed design drawings for the civil works including the water intake, penstock, turbine-generator station, and outfall were produced. Creus coordinated with the micro hydro design specialist, the environmental consultant, the District's Environmental Officer, the contractor, and BC Hydro to determine the requirements, costs, and timelines for building the system complete with a grid-tie component.
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