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CREUS Engineering Project Experience

CREUS has developed the ability to find creative solutions for tough projects. Whether the obstacles are physical terrain, environmentally sensitive zones, tough regulatory framework or tight financial constraints, we have found ways of integrating solutions to those problems to the overall betterment of the project.

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We have integrated some of the fresh academic approached taught to our younger staff with some of the on-the-ground experience of our senior staff. This has allowed us to come up with some very productive, cost-effective, and environmentally-conscioussolutions to some very complex problems. We have had some incredible canvases to explore the options of stormwater management, and the luxury of working directly with some very knowledgeable environmental and hydrology consultants in the Pacific Northwest.

We have worked with many of the regulatory agencies around Greater Vancouver, and all of the agencies in the Sea to Sky corridor. We have detailed knowledge of their standards and objectives, and have built an extensive background with innovative design solutions that have and continue to work in these jurisdictions. Some of our larger stand-alone development projects such as Furry Creek, Wedge Woods, and Quest University allowed us the opportunity to design from the ground up. This allowed us in-depth looks into the overall infrastructure, environmental, aesthetics, and stormwater management, and exactly how they affect one another as well as the project as a whole.

CREUS has also made a constant effort to maintain a strong role in infill developmentand smaller projects. Working on such a wide range of projects in terms of depth of involvement, size, and location has given us an incredibly wide and diverse skillset. Our experiences with our larger projects often provide us with additional tools for the tight constraints on some of our smaller projects. At the same time working in those constraints often allows for unique solutions that can be implemented in our larger developments, creating a symbiotic relationship within our office.

The key staff at CREUS has extensive construction experience, which benefits not only tender management, contract management, and the contractor themselves, but also is extremely valuable in the actual construction of each job and design elements in our work. With experience managing projects as small as several thousand dollars all the way up to contracts worth over fourteen million dollars, CREUS is prepared to handle any project that comes our way. Please feel free to explore our project experience using the menus on the left side of this page.
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