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CREUS has been at the forefront of integrating sustainable features into the projects we work on and have found ways to integrate environmental sustainability in a financially-sustainable manner using creative design approaches that look at the features of each project.

Explore some of the Sustainability Initiatives that CREUS Engineering has been involved with

Seylynn, Mountain Highway and Fern Street
Client: Seylynn (North Shore) Development LP

Description:Seylynn (North Shore) Development LP is proposing to redevelop the Seylynn Village lands in North Vancouver to form the cornerstone of the newly proposed Lower Lynn Town Centre for the District of North Vancouver. The existing lands include previously consolidated single family lots between Mountain Highway, Fern Street and Highway 1. The proposed development generally consists of 3 residential towers, with daycare, community amenities, rental housing and ground floor commercial components. The project will involve a major redevelopment of the site including realignment of the existing road network. The total site area is approximately 2.1ha.

CREUS Member Roles: Creus Engineering Ltd. is responsible for the onsite and offsite Civil Engineering services for the multi-phased development. A major component on this work is the development of a new East-West Connector from Keith Road/ Mountain Highway to Highway 1 and the lands to the East. This work also includes the redesign of the existing use and geometry of Mountain Highway and Fern Street to accommodate the new Link. Onsite servicing to meet the current District of North Vancouver requirements including source control measures and site grading conforming to the FCL for the site. The offsite works will include analyzing the existing services to accommodate the future development of the Lower Lynn area, upgrading existing municipal services, undergrounding of private utilities and possible providing District Energy systems to the site. The offsite sanitary sewer main downstream of the site will require upgrades all the way down to the Metro Vancouver trunk sewer at Main Street. This main will ultimately service the new Lower Lynn Town Centre Developments. Creus Engineering is working with District of North Vancouver, MOTI and Metro Vancouver to attain approvals and is also responsible to coordinate the transportation, hydrological, and surveying consultants as part of this development.
Centre of Newton, Surrey, BC
Client: Value Property Group

Description: The second phase of a commercial development located at 72nd Avenue and King George Boulevard in Surrey. The site requires innovative solutions to parking lot drainage, detention, and release to meet not only the municipality's requirements but also to achieve both of the Stormwater Management Credits available in the LEED Core & Shell rating system (attempting to achieve LEED Gold). Parking lot drainage is being directed through a bioswale for cleansing. Detention is being achieved with underground storage tanks. Detention tank water is being released at an appropriate drawdown rate by using an orifice and overflow tank outlet.

CREUS Member Roles:CREUS is responsible for site servicing, coordination of services with the City of Surrey, and LEED documentation.
The Brook, 3707 Delbrook Avenue, North Vancouver
Client: The Brook Development Group

Description: A 24 unit residential development in North Vancouver that has achieved LEED Platinum certification. Built on a brownfield site, the project had the additional challenge of being built on sloping terrain amongst existing residential housing. It was the first development of its kind to achieve LEED Platinum certification in Canada.

CREUS Member Roles: CREUS members were responsible for the Stormwater Management, Siltation and Erosion Control, and Servicing design for this project.
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